Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Light Saber

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Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Light Saber
:- May the Force Be With You
Whether your child is a fan of the new Clone Wars animated film or the original trilogy, this light saber, with its light up blade and electronic sounds, is sure to be a hit. Its sturdy plastic components in gray, black, and gold, three colored crystals, and telescoping blade can be combined in over 1000 different ways to create a customized battle weapon. And since part of the fun is in thinking up ways to combine the pieces into a customized weapon, there's no time-consuming adult setup.

You'll need a Philips head screwdriver to insert three AA batteries (not included), and you may want to help young users put the color crystals in the first time around, so they know how to change them later on.

Imaginative Play that Spans Distant Galaxies
One of this light saber's top features is the way it emits different sounds along with a different color light inside the clear plastic blade depending on what Ilum crystal or crystals are inserted in the handle. Choose the classic Jedi green, blue, Sith red, or combine crystals to achieve an effect like the violet light saber Mace Windu uses. Star Wars fans will immediately recognize the powerful humming noise that indicates a light saber ready for combat. And the variety of clashing sounds that the unit makes when the blade comes in contact with any sturdy obstruction is sure to thrill.

While too much rough play can take a toll on any toy, the construction behind this light saber seems sturdy and well thought out. Adults and kids with larger hands may find the hilt sits more comfortably in their grasp without the custom handles over it.

Overall, we had loads of fun creating a custom look, practicing crafty moves, and fighting off imaginary enemies with this light saber. Since the colored blade effect is achieved by projecting light into the clear plastic blade, playing with this light saber in a dark or dimly lit room provides extra drama and an increased dose of fun.

Because this toy calls forth an epic battle between good and evil, we imagine that having a playmate with a second light saber would increase the fun exponentially.